DEA 1110 QUIZ 2 IDs

DEA 1110 QUIZ 2 IDs - DEA 1110 QUIZ IDs Week 9 Design and...

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DEA 1110 QUIZ IDs Week 9: Design and Human Development 1. Multiple intelligences Howard Gardner’s idea that children have multiple intelligences: children shouldn’t be evaluated based on one type of creativity because things demand completely different abilities The Seven Intelligences provide the basis for creativity; a child will grow on to be the most creative in the fields where she has the greatest strengths. Linguistic intelligence, math and logic, music, spatial reasoning, movement, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence Even with simple objects parents have around the house, they can get a sense of where a child’s creative abilities lie. By letting a child explore a range of activities, passions and talents are likely to emerge 2. Super armatron robotic toy created in the late 1970s, early 1980s Designing Change Framework - CHANGE (model new paradigms and norms, break stereotypes, raise awareness) - two kids were white and nerdy, no girls Design always has an element of social responsibility --> relates to Vietnam Memorial highly engaging and fascinating toy --> relates to the engaging atmosphere of REI store Design is Adaptable to time - Ergonomics Chair Wheelers Brand Identity 3. First ward/Davidson Elementary Idea of seeing your own artwork permanently in place is a real foundational element to building self esteem in children relates to empowerment because children’s own art pieces are hung around the building also related to fluid workplace because the students essentially designed the area where they “work” or go to school and spend hours each day in Designing Change Framework - Empowerment (maximizie human potential) Instill traits of self-esteem and self-worth in the children (framed pieces of children's art, flowers in windows) design is a creative and participatory process - install tiles made by students on the outside of the building Child-centered learning apporach --> related to health care design Swatch Watch - stronger emontional connection, the stronger product Niketown - bold and sensory engaging (inspiration) 4. Universal Design Universal design is a term coined by architect Ronal Mace , that seeks to create environments and products that can be used by people of all ages and of all abilities . The approach is people first . There are 4 cornerstones of universal design:
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Supportive : Design should act as an aid to function without creating any undue burden to the user. Some examples of this are large type telephones, the nutrition facts label, pens with lights and low vision cutting boards (double sided black and white depending on what kind of countertop you are working on) Adaptable : Design should reflect the changing needs of the individual over time . Some examples of this are sinks that can be raised and lowered for different heights, Oxo Goodgrips, & toilets that can be changed in height. Accessible
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DEA 1110 QUIZ 2 IDs - DEA 1110 QUIZ IDs Week 9 Design and...

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