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DEA TERMS FOR QUIZ #1 Week 1: Design in Context 1. Four roles of leadership diagram What: How a leader should behave to be most effective i. Modeling (trustworthiness): a leader becomes a model whom others trust and choose to follow ii. Path finding : Leaders scan their environment, identify key customer and stakeholder needs, and develop a mission and strategy to meet those needs. iii. Aligning : Leaders align the systems and structure of the organization with the mission, strategy, and culture. iv. Empowering : Leaders create conditions within the organization where empowerment can flourish, creating results that meet customer and stakeholder needs. Why: A leader must utilize all of these aspects in order to be successful How: If a leader wants to be able to design change, they must first acquire these qualities. “Leadership is not rank, privileges, titles or money. It is responsibility ” – Peter Drucker Ex: Gandhi “Leader can’t attempt to do right in 1 area while doing harm in another because life is an interrelated whole.” 2. Manager vs. Leader DePree distinguishes between managers and leaders. “good manager does things right, a good leader does the right things which involves a goal, a path, and a reach” Leaders give workers the strategy and the vision of the organization . They must act only in the context of their beliefs . Leaders need to remove obstacles and get out of the way for workers to perform their jobs. Leadership is about questioning WHY & HOW: it’s creative, adaptive, and agile. It looks at the horizon, not just the bottom line. Must be able to look through a variety of lenses, the lens of a follower, a new reality, and our future. Leaders inspire people and empower them. They pull rather then push . Like the leader of a jazz band, a leader has the opportunity to draw the best out of other musicians. Leaders must have integrity in all things, the servant hood needs to be felt, they must have accountability for others, practice of equity, and they must be vulnerable. 3. Leader as Designer Talked about in The Fifth Discipline Ch 18 “The Leader’s New Work” by Peter M. Senge The three most important and overlooked roles of a leader are those of leader as steward , leader as designer , and leader as teacher.
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Leader as a designer is most overlooked because the best design is often transport. Most people don’t think about the design of things unless they are poorly designed. The leaders task is designing the learning processes where people throughout the organization can deal productively with the critical issue they face, and develop their mastery in the learning disciplines. It’s about integration of the 5 component technologies into 1. Lao-tzu,” the bad leader is he who the people despise. The good leader is
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dea111- quiz#1 IDs - DEA TERMS FOR QUIZ #1 Week 1: Design...

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