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GLOSSARY Akafist (Acathist): a special form of prayer used in the Orthodox Church to glorify Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, or any particular saint Anastasis (Greek “resurrection”): representation of Christ bursting the gates of hell and releasing Old Testament figures said to have believed in him before the Incarnation Assist: golden highlights applied to a painted panel after the tempera Basma: strips of metal, usually silver or silver-gilt, applied to he surface of an icon Boyar, Boyarin, Boyarina : member of highest social and political class in Russia until Peter the Great established the “Table of Ranks” (1722), which made rank technically dependent on service position; the boyars descended from Rurik, Gedimin of Lithuania, or other sovereign rulers bore the title of Prince (kniaz); the rest were untitled Chin: order, rank; different orders of angels or saints (such as the seven orders of angel) Chiton : tunic, the basic element of Byzantine dress, worn by both men and women Ciborium: dome supported by four or six columns symbolizing the tomb of Christ Communion: the eating and drinking of the consecrated bread and wine; culmination of the Eucharistic rite Czar, or Tsar (from Latin Caesar ): the Russian term for the Byzantine emperor, and then for the Mongol khan; Ivan IV was the first of the Russian Grand Princes to be crowned formally as tsar, and the title was abolished by Peter the Great in favor of “emperor.” Czarina, or Tsaritsa: the consort of the tsar; Tsarevich: the heir of the Tsar Deesis/ Deisus/ Deisis: (Gr., “entreaty”): an icon or a series of icons (as in an iconostasis) showing Our Lord Enthroned with Our Lady on His right and St. John the Baptist on His left. The Deisis means prayer. In the case of an icon it shows those standing in prayer before the Saviour –the Mother of God is always shown on the right, John the Baptist on the left; added are members of various hosts of heavenly and earthly sainthood: angels, apostles, and hierarchs. Emmanuel:
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RutgersOldRussArtGLOSSARY (1) - GLOSSARY Akafist(Acathist a...

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