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music syllabus - MU101 section 02 syllabus MUSIC...

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MU101 section 02 syllabus MUSIC 07:700:101:02 – INTRODUCTION TO MUSIC Rutgers University Fall 2011 Mondays and Wednesdays 7.15pm-8.35pm Douglass Campus: ArH 200 Instructor: Jessica Chisholm Email: ABOUT THIS COURSE: Introduction to music is designed primarily for non-music majors and does not require any previous knowledge of music. The main objective is to acquaint the student with the basic concepts of music, including: styles, forms, notation, and active listening. This also includes the acquisition of terminology used in describing music and an awareness of the musical characteristics associated with the music of various places and historical periods. COURSE REQUIREMENTS: 1. Reading: parallels the lectures, listening assignments, and class discussions 2. Listening: to be found on the accompanying CD set 3. Attendance and documentation of three live concert performances 4. Completion of course exams and survey quizzes REQUIRED TEXTS: Joseph Machlis, Kristine Forney, The Enjoyment of Music, eleventh edition, shorter version (2011) and accompanying CD set OFFICE HOURS: Consultations with the instructor are available and encouraged. If you are having difficulty with any of the class materials, please feel free to email me and/or arrange an appointment well in advance of the examinations. I do not have a campus office, but there are meeting places available in the Douglass Library. CONCERT ATTENDANCE: You are responsible for attending and documenting three live performances of music (and yes, you have to attend the entire concert to receive full credit). You may, however, choose which concerts to attend (to fit your schedule). Please note: you are being asked to include at least one performance of traditional Western art music, but otherwise feel free to vary your concert choices. Such choices might include ethnic/world music, jazz, student run performance ensembles, folk music, and pop music. If you have a question about what concerts will be considered appropriate for this assignment, please ask me. Write a two-page report of the concert, describing the music and the performance with terms acquired in class. What
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This note was uploaded on 09/27/2011 for the course MUSIC 101 taught by Professor Chapman during the Spring '07 term at Rutgers.

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music syllabus - MU101 section 02 syllabus MUSIC...

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