geo study guide - Environmental Geology Enviro geo: applied...

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Environmental Geology Enviro geo: applied geo, use of geo info to help solve conflicts in land use, min environmental degradation, max beneficial results of using natural and modified environments Enviro crisis: over pop, urbanization, industrialization, little ethical regard for land, inadequate institutions to cope w/ enviro stress Gaia hypothesis: reviving the idea of a living earth, life significantly affects the planetary enviro, life affects the enviro for the betterment of life, life deliberately controls the global enviro. Isolated: neither matter nor energy are exchanged (very rare) Closed system: isolated and self contained Sphere fish tank: energy is exchanged but not matter Open System: exchanges energy, matter, and information with other systems Lake- H2O evaporates and rains in/ out, Sun energy and warmth goes in/out ENERGY INPUTS ENERGY LOSS (70% solar E leaves) -Solar radiation (99.8%) -Reflection -Geothermal Energy (radio active decay) /residual post formation) -Degradation and reradiation -Tidal Energy (gravity-moon/earth/sun) Rock cycle: is driven by internal energy thru convective and conductive processes Convection: current produced by the rise of hot air and the sinking of cold air Conduction: the passage of thermal energy Earth Quakes Focus: point at the depth where rocks ruptured epicenter: location on surface Seismic waves: P- primary, compression, faster, travels through everything/ S-shear, travel through solids, half as fast as P, up and down or side to side at right angles/ Surface- slowest, cause damage,
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geo study guide - Environmental Geology Enviro geo: applied...

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