Fall+2010+syllabus+101 - 790:101:01-13:THE NATURE OF...

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790:101:01-13:THE NATURE OF POLITICS Fall 2010 Lecture: TTh 5:35-6:55 p.m., Hickman Hall 138 Professor: Andrew Murphy Department of Political Science 508 Hickman Hall (732) 932-6733 [email protected] Teaching Assistants: Atul Kumar ( [email protected] ), sections 7, 10, 18 Ben Pauli ( [email protected] ), sections 2, 4, 19 Danielle Pritchett ( [email protected] ), sections 9, 15, 22 Jermaine Rankin ( [email protected] ), sections 1, 3, 21 Wendy Wright ( [email protected] ), sections 6, 8, 20 Note that your TA section will meet either on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, and only on those dates indicated on the syllabus. “The Nature of Politics” introduces students to fundamental issues in political theory and the history of political thought. We will explore competing notions of the aims and goals of politics, the connections between politics and economics, and a variety of theories of justice. The course fulfills the following Core Curriculum Student Learning Outcomes, and it is hoped and expected that successful completion of the course will enable you to: II. h. Understand the bases and development of human and societal endeavors across time and place. II. m. Understand different theories about human culture, social identity, economic entities, political systems, and other forms of social organization. II. n. Apply concepts about human and social behavior to particular questions or situations. Assigned texts for this course are listed below, with the publisher in parentheses; they are available at the Rutgers University Bookstore and at NJ Books on Easton Ave. You may purchase texts wherever you find the best deal, but please be sure to purchase these editions . Sigmund Freud,
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Fall+2010+syllabus+101 - 790:101:01-13:THE NATURE OF...

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