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Style Name the stylistic period: Egyptian, Aegean (Minoan or Mycenaean), Archaic Greek, Early Classical Greek, High Classical Greek, Late Classical Greek, Hellenistic (Baroque), Etruscan, Roman Republican, Roman Imperial What stylistic features indicate that the object belongs to this period? What medium is the object and how does it use the properties of the medium to achieve its representational ends? Function What was the object/building used for? How were the objects displayed? How did viewers interact with the object/building? Subject matter Who or what is the object supposed to represent? Does it depict a mythological story or historical event? If it does, describe the story or event and why it was important to the society that created the object. Historical context/significance What historical events (wars, changes of political leadership, economic or cultural circumstances) caused the style that the object/building was created in? What were the important historical events that mark the beginnings and ends of the
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