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Dolbier HW - 226 ALKYNES CH2CH3(b CH3CH2CH2CHCHC CH CH2CH2CH3(c A-2 Give the structure of the reactant reagent or product omitted from each of the

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( b ) ( c ) A-2. Give the structure of the reactant, reagent, or product omitted from each of the following reactions. ( a ) ( b ) ( c ) ( d ) ( e ) ( f ) ( g ) ( h ) A-3. Which one of the following two reactions is effective in the synthesis of 4-methyl-2-hexyne? Why is the other not effective? 1. 2. A-4. Outline a series of steps, using any necessary organic and inorganic reagents, for the prepa- ration of: ( a ) 1-Butyne from ethyl bromide as the source of all carbon atoms ( b ) 3-Hexyne from 1-butyne ( c ) 3-Hexyne from 1-butene ( d ) A-5. Treatment of propyne in successive steps with sodium amide, 1-bromobutane, and sodium in liquid ammonia yields as the f nal product ______. A-6. Give the structures of compounds A through D in the following series of equations.
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