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study guide 2 new - 9:21:00 PM 9:21:00 PM Floride doss...

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06/03/2008 00:21:00
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06/03/2008 00:21:00 Fluid withdrawl: High fluid pressure supports material above, when the fluid is pumped out this support is lost Wave breaking: Plunging : highly erosive at shoreline Spilling : more gently and may facilitate the deposition of sand on beaches Darcy Law : The rate of flow of flow of groundwater is directly proportional to the product of the hydraulic gradient and they hydraulic conductivity. Q(discharge)=K(hydraulic conductivity)xI(Hyraulic gradient)xA(Cross sectional area of flow) Resource : concentration of a naturally occurring material in or on the crust of earth in a form that can now or potentially be extracted for profit Reserve : portion of resource that is identified and is currently available to be legally extracted at a profit. (difference is based on current geologic, economic, and legal factors) methane hydrates: Source of natural gas, white, ice like material composed of molecules of methane gas surrounded by cages of frozen water likely to replace oil during the transition from fossil fuels to alternatives, produces fewer pollutants than other fossil fuels soil classification: O - mostly organic, including decomposed or decomposing leaves, ect. color is often dark brown or black. A - mineral and organic, color is light black to brown. Leaching occurs (dissolving, washing or draining materials through percolation o liquids) it moves clay and other materials to B. E - light colored resulting from leaching of clay calcium and magnesium and iron to lower horizons. A and E together constitute the zone of leaching. B - Enriched in clay, iron oxides, silica, carbonate, or other leached materials from above horizons (zone of accumulation). C
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study guide 2 new - 9:21:00 PM 9:21:00 PM Floride doss...

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