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( c ) The C-1 and C-3 double bonds of cembrene are conjugated with each other. The double bonds at C-6 and C-10 are isolated from each other and from the conjugated diene system. ( d ) The sex attractant of the dried-bean beetle has a cumulated diene system involving C-4, C-5, and C-6. This allenic system is conjugated with the C-2 double bond. 10.7 The more stable the isomer, the lower its heat of combustion. The conjugated diene is the most stable and has the lowest heat of combustion. The cumulated diene is the least stable and has the highest heat of combustion. 10.8 Compare the mirror-image forms of each compound for superposability. For 2-methyl-2,3- pentadiene, Rotation of the mirror image 180 ° around an axis passing through the three carbons of the C ? C ? C unit demonstrates that the reference structure and its mirror image are superposable.
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