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more sp -hybridized carbon, 1,2,3-butatriene has an extra turn in its carbon chain, making the molecule planar. ( b ) The planar geometry of the cumulated triene system leads to the situation where cis and trans stereoisomers are possible for 2,3,4-hexatriene (CH 3 CH ? C ? C ? CHCH 3 ). Cis trans stereoisomers are diastereomers of each other. 10.35 Reaction ( a ) is an electrophilic addition of bromine to an alkene; the appropriate reagent is bromine in carbon tetrachloride. Reaction ( b ) is an epoxidation of an alkene, for which almost any peroxy acid could be used. Peroxybenzoic acid was actually used. Reaction ( c ) is an elimination reaction of a vicinal dibromide to give a conjugated diene and re-
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