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Dolbier HW Solutions 256 - reaction step is necessary PART...

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A-4. Give the chemical structure of the reactant, reagent, or product omitted from each of the following: ( a ) ( b ) ( c ) ( d ) ( e ) A-5. One of the isomeric conjugated dienes having the formula C 6 H 8 is not able to react with a dienophile in a Diels Alder reaction. Draw the structure of this compound. A-6. Draw the structure of the carbocation formed on ionization of the compound shown. A con- stitutional isomer of this compound gives the same carbocation; draw its structure. A-7. Give the structures of compounds A and B in the following reaction scheme. A-8. Give the reagents necessary to carry out the following conversion. Note that more than one
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Unformatted text preview: reaction step is necessary. PART B B-1. 2,3-Pentadiene, , is ( a ) A planar substance ( b ) An allene ( c ) A conjugated diene ( d ) A substance capable of cis-trans isomerism CH 3 CH CHCH 3 C Br NBS CCl 4 , heat NaI acetone Compound A Compound B C CH 3 CH 3 Br 1 CH 3 OCC CCOCH 3 ? O O ? Br Br 1 O O O Diels – Alder ? CH 2 CHCH CH 2 HCl (1 mol) ? (two products) CH 3 CH CHCH CHCH 3 Br 2 ? (two products) 250 CONJUGATION IN ALKADIENES AND ALLYLIC SYSTEMS...
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