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Dolbier HW Solutions 284 - 278 ARENES AND AROMATICITY B-11...

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B-11. Ethylbenzene is treated with the reagents listed, in the order shown. 1. NBS, peroxides, heat 2. CH 3 CH 2 O 3. B 2 H 6 4. H 2 O 2 , HO The structure of the fi nal product is: B-12. Which of the following hydrogens is most easily abstracted (removed) on reaction with bromine atoms, Br ? B-13. All the hydrocarbons shown are very weak acids. One, however, is far more acidic than the others. Which one is the strongest acid? B-14. The compound shown is planar, and all the carbon carbon bond lengths are the same. What (if anything) can you deduce about the bonding of boron from these observations? ( a ) The boron is sp 2 -hybridized, and the p orbital contains an unshared pair of electrons. ( b ) The boron is sp
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