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position that is ortho to the chlorine puts it meta to the carboxyl and meta to the f rst nitro group. ( b ) An amino group is one of the strongest activating substituents. The para and both ortho posi- tions are readily substituted in aniline. When aniline is treated with excess bromine, 2,4,6- tribromoaniline is formed in quantitative yield. ( c ) The positions ortho and para to the amino group in o -aminoacetophenone are the ones most activated toward electrophilic aromatic substitution. ( d ) The carboxyl group in benzoic acid is meta-directing, and so nitration gives m -nitrobenzoic acid. The second nitration step introduces a nitro group meta to both the carboxyl group and the f rst nitro group. ( e ) Both bromine substituents are introduced ortho to the strongly activating hydroxyl group in
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