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DN Structure Brkdn - Experimenting with first change Crisis...

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DIRECTING FOR FILM 1 (FIL 2480) DIRECTOR’S BOOK DRAMATIC NARRATIVE STRUCTURE BREAKDOWN PROJECT: Narrative Drama Hero’s Journey Character Arch Personal Story Story Points 1) Setting Ordinary World Limited awareness of a problem Main character 2) Inciting Incident Call to Adventure Increased awareness Change Coming 3) Progressive Complication: generate more and more conflict Refusal Reluctance to change Meeting with the Mentor Overcoming reluctance 4) First Turning Point Crossing the Threshold Committing to change 5) End Act One 6) Progressive Complication: generate more and more conflict The Special World (Tests, Allies, Enemies)
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Unformatted text preview: Experimenting with first change Crisis Approach to Inmost Cave Preparing for big change 7) Crisis (Option) Ordeal Attempting big change 8) 2 nd Turning Point Reward (Seizing the Sword) Consequences of the attempt (improvements and setbacks) Crisis Insight 9) End Act Two 10) Progressive Complications The Road Back Rededication to change Insight 11) Climax (3 rd Turning Point) (Crisis Option) Resurrection Final attempt at big change Affirmation 12) Resolution Return with the Elixir Final mastery of the problem 13) End Act Three Rev. 1/10 1 of 1...
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