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Volcanic eruptions - Hazards from volcanisim in PNW...

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Volcanic eruptions Map of earthquakc properties- be able to tell what is on map (see pattern and tell what pattern represents Different types of natural hazards- Map of flood plan regulation- where is the regulatory flood way, and other types Pic of unstable slope, what type of mass wasting occurred Pic of area of geo hazards, what type of hazard is in the pic Coast line with distinctive type of waves, tell about coast line based on type of wave Soil, what kind of soil is it Earth cycles Evidence for impact (bulleyed) Lecture Where vol eruptions occur Ttechnique for monitoring vol activity Biogeochemical cycles Energy distribution in earth systems Propability of different mag earthquakes in PNW Causes of volcanisim in PNW
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Unformatted text preview: Hazards from volcanisim in PNW Characteristics of different floods flash and regional Recourance interval of flood Surface waves in earthquakes Velocities of different types of mass wasting Calculating waves base Distibution of water on earth Properties of aquifers Renewable vs nonrenweabel resources Properties of radon Expandable clays Change of temp on earth surface Types of chemical hazards Mitigating earthquakes Volcanic hazards in general Relationship to water and slope stability Ways to predict earthquakes How water waves are generated Flood frequency curves Properties of different soil types Fuel cell cars The evidence for bull eye impact Mass extinctions Causes of ice ages...
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  • Winter '08
  • Babcock
  • earthquakes Volcanic hazards, flood Surface waves, different mag earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions Map, waves base Distibution

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