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Commented Version #include <iostream> #include <fstream> using namespace std ; void function( int x[]); int main () { //Not required from the exercise int x[ 10 ] = { 70 , 90 , 100 , 100 , 90 , 50 , 60 , 80 , 90 , 90 }; // This array is just for showing purposes, the function requires a 150 element array function (x); return 0 ; } void function( int x[]){ ofstream file; //Declaring a file to write to file. open ( "report.txt" ); //Associating it with real file report.txt float avg= 0 ; // variable used for sum and average int count= 0 ; // counter of how many students failed int array[ 101 ]; // array where the appearances of every score are kept for ( int i= 0 ;i< 101 ;i++) array[i]= 0 ; // initialization as zero. // This is an important step, otherwise you cannot use it as a counter for ( int i= 0 ;i< 10 ;i++){ avg+=x[i]; // adding the scores to the avg in order to find the sum if (x[i]< 60 ) count++; // if the score is less than 60 add 1 to the counter array[x[i]]++; // This is a tricky part. . // What we are trying to do is find the element of the array where // the appearances are kept and add one to that score.
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Unformatted text preview: // Let us see it with an example, in the beginning all elements are zero. // The first element we are accessing is x[0]=70. So, we find the element // array[70] and increase it to 1 (from 0). Doing that for all scores, we // keep track of all the times that a score has appeared. } int max=array[ ]; // Initializing score 0 (array[0]) as the score with most appearances. int k= ; for ( int i= 1 ; i&lt; 101 ;i++){ if (array[i]&gt;max){ // if the score i has appeared more times than the current max score max=array[i]; // substitute the max to the new number of appearances k=i; // and substitute score k (initially zero) to the score i that appears // the most. }} file &lt;&lt; &quot;The average is: &quot; &lt;&lt; avg/ 10 &lt;&lt; endl; // Don't forget divide by 10 for the average! It should be 150. file &lt;&lt; &quot;The number of failed students is: &quot; &lt;&lt; count &lt;&lt; endl; file &lt;&lt; &quot;The value that appears the most: &quot; &lt;&lt; k &lt;&lt; endl; }...
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Commented_code_for_part_2[1] - // Let us see it with an...

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