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function BeamProbelm1 Xg =[35;25]; LB = [1;1]; UB=[inf;inf]; Options = optimset('fmincon'); Options.Display = 'iter'; [OptimalX] = fmincon(@(x) objFun(x),Xg,[],[],[],[],LB,UB,@constrFun,Options); OptimalX
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Unformatted text preview: objFun(OptimalX) constrFun(OptimalX) function fx=objFun(x) fx=8.46*x(1)*x(2); function [C,ceq]=constrFun(x) C=zeros(2,1); C(1) = 3.6/x(1)^3/x(2) - 1; C(2) = 9/x(1)^2/x(2) - 1; ceq=;...
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