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powerlaw - aa=10^(ans(1 fprintf\na=%5.4f...

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function powerlaw(W,A) %Problem 13.11 %W consists of values of weight in kg %A defines surface area of humans related to weight %units are in m^2 % %Measurements on a number of individuals of height 180cm %and different weights give values of A passed into function. % %This program proves Power Law=aW^b fits data well and then predicts %surface area of a given person. %-------------------------------------------------------------------------- %Method for solving nonlinear model fit x=log10(W); a=log10(A); n=length(W); c=ones(n,1); CM=[c x]; %Coeff Matrix ans=CM\a;
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Unformatted text preview: aa=10^(ans(1)); fprintf('\na=%5.4f, b=%5.4f\n\n',aa,ans(2)); y=aa.*W.^ans(2); plot(W,A,'s m',W,y); title('Plot of original data with nonlinear model fit:'); ylabel('A(m^2)'); xlabel('W(kg)'); pause %--------------------------------------------------------------------------%method for linearizing data y2=ans(1)+ans(2)*x; plot(x,a,'d',x,y2); title('Plot of linearized data with linear regression fit:'); ylabel('ln(A)'); xlabel('ln(W)'); disp('Judging from the generated graphs, a 95kg persons surface area is approx 2.34m^2');...
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