SAE70 - b=%5.4f\n\n',aa,ans(2)); %Need a better fit for...

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function SAE70(T,V) %Problem 13.18 % %T=Temperature in degrees celsius %Viscosity,u,N*s/m^2 % %This Program uses linear regression to find the equation of the line %that best fits the data and the r^2 value. x=log10(T); a=log10(V); n=length(T); c=ones(n,1); CM=[c x]; %Coeff Matrix ans=CM\a; aa=10^(ans(1)); ab=ans(2); fprintf('\na=%5.4f,
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Unformatted text preview: b=%5.4f\n\n',aa,ans(2)); %Need a better fit for this graph %need more points--> TT=linspace(min(T),max(T),100); y=aa.*TT.^ab; plot(T,V,'k o',TT,y,'g'); title('Plot of original data with nonlinear model fit:'); ylabel('T(C)'); xlabel('Viscosity(N*s/m^2)'); for i=1:n St=(ysum-y(i))^2+St_old; St_old=St;...
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