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problem4_21 - end L=[H D E fprintf step size finite...

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function diffex(x,n) %Problem 4.21 [email protected](x) cos(x); [email protected](x) -sin(x); format long dftrue=deriv(x); h=1; H(1)=h; D(1)=(func(x+h)-func(x-h))/(2*h); E(1)=abs(dftrue-D(1)); for i=2:n h=h/10; H(i)=h; D(i)=(func(x+h)-func(x-h))/(2*h); E(i)=abs(dftrue-D(i));
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Unformatted text preview: end L=[H' D' E']'; fprintf(' step size finite difference true error\n'); fprintf('%14.10f %16.14f %16.13f\n',L); loglog(H,E),xlabel('Step Size'), ylabel('Error') title('Plot of Error Versus Step Size'); format short end...
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