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falseposition - test=func(xl*func(xr fprintf...

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function falseposition(func,xl,xu,es,maxit) %Problem 5.8 falseposition test=func(xl)*func(xu); if test>0,error('no sign change'),end iteration=0; xr=xl; disp(' i xl xu f(xl) f(xu) xr f(xr) f(xl)f(xr) ea'); while(1) xrold=xr; xr=xu-(func(xu)*(xl-xu))/(func(xl)-func(xu)); iteration=iteration+1; if xr~=0, ea=abs((xr-xrold)/xr);end
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Unformatted text preview: test=func(xl)*func(xr); fprintf(' %1d %2.1f %6.5f %6.5f %6.5f %6.5f %6.5f %6.5f %5.3f\n',iteration, xl,xu,func(xl),func(xu),xr,func(xr), test, ea) if test<0 xu=xr; elseif test>0 xl=xr; else ea=0; end if ea<=es||iteration>=maxit,break, end end...
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