anth 2 - Anth 2 What are the modes of reproduction cross...

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Anth 2 Keith Gaffin What are the modes of reproduction cross culturally? How does culture shape fertility in different contexts? How does culture shape mortality in different contexts? Foraging mode of reproduction Moderate death and birth rates Value of children: moderate Indirect means of fertility control: diet, breastfeeding, work/exercise,  spontaneous abortion Direct means of fertility control: induced abortion, infanticide Agricultural mode of reproduction High birth rates, declining death rates Value of children: high o Pronatalist techniques Increased reliance on direct means of birth control Increasing specialization: midwives, herbalists  Example: The Old Order Amish of the US and Canada Industrial/informatics mode of reproduction Negative population growth in these countries; high growth in developing  countries Value of children: mixed Direct methods of fertility control: in vitro fertilization, chemical forms of  contraception
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Highly developed professional specializations Culture shapes reproduction Cultural guidelines
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anth 2 - Anth 2 What are the modes of reproduction cross...

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