Sequim+RFP - City of Sequim, WA Request for Proposal For...

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City of Sequim, WA Request for Proposal For Development of a New New City Hall Phase 1 July 30,2008 Purpose: The City of Sequim is seeking development proposals from qualified property owner developer teams for the development and construction of a New City Hall Building. Proposals will be evaluated using a two phase process. Phase 1 will be to identify and select a qualified property ownerldeveloper team who can meet the requirements and deliver a turn-key facility per the specifications listed below. In Phase 2 negotiation will occur between City staff and the successful property ownerldeveloper team regarding costs for delivery of a turn-key facility. Description of Work: In Phase I the property ownerldeveloper team shall provide a building site that meets the following requirements: a. Located within the City of Sequim's legal city limits as of August 1, 2008; b. Sized at 3 acres or greater; c. Built as a two story structure of at least 20,000 square feet; d. Constructed per the site and building specifications provided by City staff and City Architect; e. Provides at least 60 public parking spaces, a secure parking storage for city vehicles of at least 12 vehicles; f. Landscaped according to the City of Sequim's Streetscape Manual and the City's Design Standards for a building of greater than 20,000 square feet; g. Connected to the City's offsite infrastructure (including but not
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Sequim+RFP - City of Sequim, WA Request for Proposal For...

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