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Unformatted text preview: 229 The author is with the Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA 91768. Sociology of Sport Journal, 2006, 23 , 229-247 © 2006 Human Kinetics, Inc. (Un)Disciplined Bodies: A Foucauldian Analysis of Women’s Rugby Laura Frances Chase California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Foucault ʼ s notions of disciplinary processes, power, and docile bodies are used in this article to understand the complexity of the body and physicality in women ʼ s rugby. Drawing on data from 30 interviews and f eld observations with 94 female rugby players, I investigate the multiple and complex ways in which the female rugby body is disciplined. These women resisted disciplinary processes of femi- ninity but, at the same time, were willing participants in disciplinary processes of competitive sport. They and their bodies are shaped by multiple and compet- ing discourses and disciplinary processes. The women in this study were drawn to rugby because of the physical nature of the game, became fully invested in competitive athletics, and resisted notions of ideal female bodies. Les notions foucaldiennes de processus disciplinaire, de pouvoir et de corps docile sont utilisées dans cet article pour mieux comprendre la complexité du corps et de la corporéité dans le rugby féminin. À partir des données de 30 entrevues et de l ʼ observation de 94 joueuses de rugby, j ʼ examine les multiples et complexes façons par lesquelles le corps de ces joueuses est discipliné. Ces femmes ont résisté aux processus disciplinaires de la féminité mais, en même temps, ont été des participantes volontaires aux processus disciplinaires du sport compétitif. Elles et leurs corps sont moulés par les discours et les processus disciplinaires multiples et parfois contradictoires. Elles ont été attirées par le rugby à cause de la nature physique du jeu, elles se sont investies pleinement dans la compétition sportive et elles ont offert une résistance aux notions du corps féminin idéal. Women ʼ s participation in rugby both challenges and reinforces dominant discourses of sport and sporting bodies. It presents a cultural site, where the shape and size of the female sporting body often contradicts dominant ideas of feminine bodies in American culture. Discourses that shape who counts as a rugby player have perpetuated the notion that rugby is male terrain and a rugby body is a male body. Disciplinary processes that shape how White, middle-class normative femi- ninity 1 is constructed are at odds with a game that requires women to get dirty and bloody, and to hit other women. The image of the bruised and battered female rugby player exists in opposition to images of ideal female bodies and to notions 230 Chase of normative femininity. The female rugby body can be seen as a site shaped by multiple, competing, and contradictory discourses. As such, rugby offers an appealing site for a study of women ʼ s embodiment in sport. How do women who s embodiment in sport....
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Lauras+Article - 229 The author is with the Department of...

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