Kian Vincent Mo - 223 Sociology of Sport Journal 2008 25 223-242 © 2008 Human Kinetics Inc Edward Kian is with the University of Central Florida

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Unformatted text preview: 223 Sociology of Sport Journal, 2008, 25, 223-242 © 2008 Human Kinetics, Inc. Edward Kian is with the University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL. John Vincent is with the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL. Michael Mondello is with Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL. Masculine Hegemonic Hoops: An Analysis of Media Coverage of March Madness Edward (Ted) M. Kian University of Central Florida John Vincent Michael Mondello University of Alabama Florida State University This study examined print-media portrayals of women’s and men’s basketball teams, players, and coaches during the 2006 NCAA Division I tournaments. Drawing principally from Gramsci’s hegemony theory and Connell’s theory of gender power relations, we analyzed article narratives published over a 26-day period during spring 2006 in four major media outlets: newspapers, The New York Times and USA Today , and online sport publications, ESPN Internet and CBS SportsLine . A total of 508 articles were coded and analyzed for dominant themes. Six primary themes emerged from the data. Although the data revealed shifts in media representations of gender relations, overall these themes mostly supported Connell’s theory about the gender order. Cette étude porte sur les médias écrits et leurs représentations des équipes féminines et masculines de ballon-panier, des joueurs et des entraîneurs pendant les tournois de la première division du NCAA en 2006. À partir de la théorie de l’hégémonie de Gramsci et de celle des relations de pouvoir liées au genre de Connell, nous analysons des récits publiés pendant 26 jours au printemps 2006 dans quatre médias majeurs : deux quotidiens (The New York Times et USA Today) et deux publications en ligne (ESPN Internet et CBS SportsLine). Au total, 508 articles ont été codés et analysés. Six thèmes principaux sont ressortis. Quoi que les données aient révélé des changements dans les représentations médiatiques des relations de genre, en général les thèmes ont surtout confirmé la théorie de Connell en ce qui a trait à la hiérarchie des genres. Many authors have argued that sport has been used to uphold a gender order in society in which men occupy positions of power and traditional notions of mas- culinity are more cherished than femininity (e.g., Connell, 2005; Trujillo, 1991). 224 Kian, Vincent, and Mondello Historically, sport had always been associated with men and desirable forms of masculinities (Cahn, 1994; Schell & Rodriguez, 2000). A considerable body of research has shown that media strengthen and sustain this construction of the gender order (e.g., Daddario, 1997; Duncan & Messner, 2000; Eastman & Billings, 2000, 2001; Pedersen, Whisenant, & Schneider, 2003; Pirinen, 1997; Vincent, Imwold, Johnson, & Massey, 2003). Exclusion and trivialization of female athletes and women’s sports are two major themes that consistently emerge in research on media coverage given to female sports. Male athletes and men’s sports receive more overall coverage given to female sports....
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Kian Vincent Mo - 223 Sociology of Sport Journal 2008 25 223-242 © 2008 Human Kinetics Inc Edward Kian is with the University of Central Florida

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