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Sociology of Sport Journal, 20 , 1-16 © 2003 Human Kinetics Publishers, Inc. Occupying a Middle Space: Toward a Mestiza Sport Studies Katherine M. Jamieson K.M. Jamieson is with the Department of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, NC. In this paper, the author explores the usefulness of Chicana feminist scholarship for sport studies. Gloria Anzaldua’s concept of mestizaje , Maria Lugones’s concept of coalescence , and Chela Sandoval’s concept of differential consciousness are relied upon to assert the relevance of Chicana scholarship for sport studies. More specifically the paper focuses on the usefulness of such scholarship for identifying the ways that citizen-subjects both align with and resist dominant ideologies in everyday life. Interviews with former and current softball athletes of various Latina/o ethnicities are used to illustrate the occupation of a middle space and the usefulness of a mestiza sport studies. Dans cet article, l’auteure explore l’utilité des études féministes chicana en études du sport. Le concept de « métizaje » de Gloria Anzaldua, le concept de « coalescence » de Maria Lugones et le concept de « conscience différentielle » de Chela Sandoval servent à confirmer la pertinence des études chicana en études du sport. Plus spécifiquement, l’article est centré sur l’utilité des études chicana dans l’identification des façons dont les citoyens- sujets acceptent les idéologies dominantes ou leur résistent. Pour l’illustration d’un espace intermédiaire et l’utilité des études « mestiza » du sport, des entrevues ont été réalisées auprès d’athlètes et ex-athlètes de balle-molle de diverses ethnies latines. Perhaps like many of my colleagues in sport studies, I am both intrigued by the promise of multiple feminisms for understanding sport more fully and perplexed by the continued elusiveness of the Latina subject in sport studies. I continue to look forward to a time that my intellectual appetite for Latina literature, cultural critique, and scholarship may intersect with existing analytic strategies in sport studies to produce analyses that may articulate the complexities of the cultural space we refer to as sport. These intellectual gaps in academic understandings of sport are peculiar given that it is not new to assert that sport is a cultural space in which varied identities may take form, get reproduced, and meet with resistance. Additionally, it has been noted by several scholars that human beings are in constant flux between identities, subjectivities, and shifting structural forces. Dennis Rodman and Marilyn Manson immediately register as examples of unclassifiable subjectivities, but my focus is on the ways that the enacting of unclassifiable subjectivities occurs in less spectacular settings, indeed in the everyday lives of men and women. In this paper, I argue for the relevance of Chicana voices in sport studies, and present excerpts from
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Jamieson_2003_Occupying+a+Middle+Space - Soci ology of...

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