Intro to Psych, Module 36

Intro to Psych, Module 36 - need o Homeostasis is the...

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Motivation: Module 36 Motivation o Motivation is a need or desire that energizes behavior and directs it towards a goal. o Motivational Theories: Instincts/Evolutionary Drive Reduction Optimum Arousal Hierarchy of Motives Instincts/Evolutionary Theory o Instincts are complex behaviors with fixed patterns. These behaviors are innate, not learned o For example: Newly hatched ducks and geese attach to the first moving object they see Salmon swim hundreds of miles upstream to spawn where they were born Birds build a particular kind of nest Human infants have reflexes such as rooting and suckling o Human behavior isn’t explained by instincts alone, but we do seem genetically predisposed to some behaviors over others. Drive-Reduction Theory o The idea that physiological needs create aroused states that drive an organism to reduce the
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Unformatted text preview: need. o Homeostasis is the maintenance of a constant internal state Body-temperature regulation o Incentives can be positive (making us want that thing) or negative (making us avoid it) o The combination of a need and an incentive gives us strong motivation for a behavior Optimum Arousal o Some behaviors increase arousal rather than reducing it by meeting a need. o When physiological needs are met, we want to explore and gain information Monkeys will try to open latches that lead to nothing Babies explore the whole house o Too much arousal is stressful, so we seek to decrease it o We are motivated to strike a balance between boredom and stress Hierarchy of Motives o Some needs take priority over others o Maslow’s hierarchy of needs o The order is not absolutely fixed...
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Intro to Psych, Module 36 - need o Homeostasis is the...

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