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Gita- Path of Jnana

Gita- Path of Jnana - They have beginning and end son of...

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30 Bhagavad GUa 18. In a knowledge-and-cultivation-perfected Brahman, a cow, an elephant, And in a mere dog, and an outcaste, The wise see the same thing. 19. Right in this world they have overcome birth, Whose mind is fixed in indifference; For Brahman is flawless and indifferent; Therefore they are fixed in Brahman. 20. He will not rejoice on attaining the pleasant, Nor repine on attaining the unpleasant; With stabilized mentality, unbewildered, Knowing Brahman, he is fixed in Brahman. 21. With self unattached to outside contacts, When he finds happiness in the self, He, his self disciplined in Brahman-discipline, Attains imperishable bliss. 22. For the enjoyments that spring from (outside) contacts Are nothing but sources of misery;
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Unformatted text preview: They have beginning and end, son of Kunti; The wise man takes no delight in them. 23. Who can control' right in this life, Before being freed from the body, The excitement that springs from desire and wrath, He is disciplined, he the happy man. 24. Who finds his happiness within, his joy within, And likewise his light only within, That disciplined man to Brahman-nirvalfa Goes, having become Brahman. 25. Brahman-nirvalfa is won By the seers whose sins are destroyed, Whose doubts are cleft, whose souls are controlled, Who delight in the welfare of all beings. 26. To those who have put off desire and wrath, Religious men whose minds are controlled, Close at hand Brahman-nirvalfa Comes, to knowers of the self. [v. I 8...
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