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Hindu Mysticism Sacrifical Mysticism

Hindu Mysticism Sacrifical Mysticism - I'1 I II I I III I...

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I.i I.: III : I I III ~ I \ " I I \ I', ~I '1'" Ill\' (.,,<\ ,Ii Ill\" ,k:,1 I "}11IJ~ ~l()rrll he prays: .. Let !lIe through thy best mt:dicines, 0 Rudra, My life on earth prolong a hundred winters. From us dispel all hatred and oppression, On every side calamity drive from us. Where then, 0 Rudra, is thy hand of mercy, The hand that healing brings and softens sorrow, That takes away the ills which the gods send? Let me, 0 mighty one, feel thy forgiveness. The hero gladdened me amid tumult \\lith greater might when I his aid entreated; Like some cool shade from the Sun's heat protected May I attain to Rudra's grace and refuge." Again when he is penitent he would ask forgiveness of the god Varuna, the personification of the ali-em- bracing heaven, and say: "If we to any dear and loved companion Have evil done, to brother or to neighbour, To our own countryman or to a stranger, That sin do thou 0 Varuna forgive us." Or, "Forgive the wrongs, committed by our fathers, What we ourselves have sinned in mercy pardon; My own misdeeds do thou 0 God take from me, And
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