Gita-ix.18 & ix.27

Gita-ix.18 & ix.27 - 49 Bhagavad GiJd'Ill IX Ii 18...

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Unformatted text preview: 49 Bhagavad GiJd, 'Ill [ IX.' Ii 18. The goal, supporter, lord, witness, The dwelling-place, refuge, friend, The origin, dissolution, and maintenance, The treasure-house, the imperishable seed. 19. I give heat; the rain I Hold back and send forth; Both immortality and death, Both the existent and the non-existent am I, Arjuna. 20. The three-Veda-men, soma-drinkers, purified of sin, Me With ritual worship worshiping, seek to go to heaven; They, attaining the meritorious world of the lord of the gods (Indm) , Taste in the sky the divine enjoyments of the gods. 21. They, after enjoying the expansive world of heaven, When their merit is exhausted, enter the world of mortals; Thus conforming to the religion of the three (Vedas), Men who lust after desires get that which comes and goes. 22. Thinking on Me, with no other thought, What folk wait upon Me, To them, when they are constant in perseverance, I bring acquisition and peaceful possession (of their aim)....
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