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Rolando Hernandez 03/08/10 Phil- Ethics 201 Prof. Sosa Paul Wilkins What: Paul Wilkins is holds his own view of abortion, both for and against depending on the circumstance. Church has not always considered fetuses capable of having a soul. Vatican II’s Gaudi met Spes condemns abortion as an abominable crime. Does not necessarily agree with the catholic views of abortion, although he is a catholic. How: Two exceptions to abort (according to Catholic Church): sacrifice the fetus in order to save the woman’s life, incest or rape . Says, ”I’m pro-life. But I’m also pro-person. You have to listen to every story” (Abelson 267. Why:
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Unformatted text preview: I view Paul Wilkins’ argument to be perfectly rational due to his flexibility on the subject and his understanding of both sides of the argument. Wilkins provides a well-balanced solution, which is that it should depend on the situation . Keeping an open mind, like Wilkins, is crucial when living in a society, such as our own, where change and modernism is perpetual. If we allow stubbornness, or narrow mindedness, to completely guide our moral perception about a controversial issue, such as this one, than we are simply being negligent of the uncontrollable and spontaneous circumstances, which the world often brings....
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