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ABortion-Philip Devin

ABortion-Philip Devin - • 2 Abortion is wrong regardless...

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Rolando Hernandez 03/08/10 Phil- Ethics 201 Prof. Sosa Philip Devin What: Philip Devin argues against abortion: “A fetus is a member of the human species and potentially a person” (Abelson 237). Presents two principles: Species principle (Infant is a member of the human species) and potentiality principle (Infant will think, talk, love, and have a sense of justice). Argument ad hominem (anti-abortion)- Views abortion as homicide. Abortion is murder: argument in terms of potentiality. States that morality is ambiguous. Answers to Marvin Kohls’ views (A woman’s request to have an abortion is sufficient justification to kill a fetus): Qualitative , Quantitative, and Conceptual. How: 1. Graduation from personhood into nonperson hood can be observed at the end of life.
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Unformatted text preview: • 2. Abortion is wrong regardless of when it occurs. • 3. Ad hominem claims that abortion is homicide (Ralph B. Potter, Jr.) Sixth week is the latest point at which the possibility of arousing sympathy might be said to begin. Why: Devin seems to have a reasonable standpoint on this subject. Although his view of abortion as homicide seems a little rash, he provides substantial points to back up his argument. I believe that the species and the potentially principles are two excellent reasons of why abortion can be considered murder. Although Devin states that morality is ambiguous, it can be said that he views abortion to be an immoral act. Therefore, the belief that abortion is wrong by all means conflicts with the moral aspect of the subject....
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