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Rolando Hernandez 03/01/10 Phil: Ethics 201 Prof. Sosa The Immorality of Assisted Suicide The author of The Immorality of Assisted Suicide , Daniel Callahan, uses an ecological approach to answer the moral questions surrounding euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. Callahan believes that physician assisted suicide is “noxious”, or physically and morally harmful, because of the excessive power that it puts in physicians hands. He argues that there is no essential difference between the direct killing of a patient, euthanasia, and directly assisting a patient to kill himself. Callahan also contends that it is wrong to give one person an absolute power over the life of another, whether the power is taken by force or by voluntary means. According to Callahan, suicide is “an act of moral desperation, it ought not to be encouraged, and it may come from some sort of treatable depression.” He believes that there is no reason to giving people legal power to kill each other, except when it is the
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