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Rolando Hernandez 03/01/10 Phil: Ethics 201 Prof. Sosa A Right to Choose Death? F.M. Kamm focuses his attention on cases where physician assisted suicides are undertaken for the good of the patient. Both are intended to benefit the patient. Explores the moral terrain of life sustaining treatments. Believes that although both euthanasia and physician assisted suicide both involve ending lives, they are both morally permissible. Person will be better off living a shorter life with less bad things than a longer life with more of them. Living a better life is a benefit and therefore the persons death benefits him or her by preventing a worse life. It is possible to benefit a person by ending his life. Doctrine of double effect: moral difference between acting with the foresight that one’s conduct will have some evil consequence and acting with the intent to produce that same evil. When death is a lesser evil it is sometimes permissible for us to intend death in order to stop pain. Assumes that a doctor has a duty to relieve suffering, and therefore they have a
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