Phil- animal rights

Phil- animal rights - Tom Regan says there are no morally...

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Tom Regan says there are no morally relevant differences between animals and humans -For animal rights. Animals are intellectually inferior to most humans but should not be taken advantage of because of their inferiority Animals suffer just like humans so they should have the same rights to not be tortured or killed for no good reason. Rebuts the Cartesian belief that animals are not conscious and therefore do not feel pain. Just because they cannot talk or reason does not mean they do not feel pain. Denounces animal experimentation for scientific or commercial purposes and deems it cruel to slaughter them for food, as in factory farming. Animals have the right to be treated with respect and consideration just as we do. Famers exceed their rights over an animal’s life when they fail to treat them with respect. Vegetarianism is obligatory. It would cause an economic collapse if everyone renounced meat and became a vegetarian, so people must continue to purchase meat for now, but this will eventually cease in the future when people realize their error. Gallistel does not think there should be any restrictions placed when performing surgery on animals. Just because it (surgery) might work it does not mean things should be tested on humans. Animals are humans; torture is wrong. Rights view: We cannot justify harming an animal just because it will be beneficial for humans; this would be to assume that the animal is has value only as a receptacle (mere object), which Is not true according to the rights view. The best we can do in terms of not using animals is to not use them.
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Phil- animal rights - Tom Regan says there are no morally...

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