Phil-Affirmative Action

Phil-Affirmative Action - Affirmative action: the...

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Affirmative action: the governmental policy for rectifying past injustices that has aroused the most controversy in recent years. Lisa Newton: What: says it is contrary to the liberal tradition of supporting equal opportunity for all and equal treatment under the law to favor one group over others for social benefits and honors. Anyone may regard himself or herself as disadvantaged. Society will become a battleground of all sorts of groups competing for special consideration. Preferential treatment of minorities would be inconsistent with political justice. We should establish and enforce better laws that ensure equality. How: Root Notion of justice: Progenitor of the other (everyone shares the same life, and this will ultimately bring self-suffiency- Aristotle believes is the foundation and proper virtue of the political association. Rule of Law is the name and pattern of this justice. Equality stands against inequalities. Participants are called citizens. Ceased to be political and became moral idea: the ideal of equality. Says that moral Ideal of equality is distinct from the virtue of justice in the political sense. If citizenship is unattainable than equality is unintelligible. Ideal is a generalization
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Phil-Affirmative Action - Affirmative action: the...

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