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business law hw3 ch8

business law hw3 ch8 - system 9 The entire situation...

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Rolando Hernandez Law Professor Ellis CH. 8 H.W. Prob. 1,6,9,11 1) Flinn had been operating for several years granting individuals loans. He was in violation of the law since he did not have a license to give out loans, regardless of his intention. A crime is considered a crime regardless of whether the person had knowledge of the criminal act or not. Thus, Flinn has no defense. 6) Yes, Doctor Campbell had committed a criminal offense. Since Campbell performed unnecessary treatments on his patients, the insurance companies were obliged to overpay the hospital bills and overpay the doctor as well. Therefore, the doctor defrauded the
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Unformatted text preview: system. 9) The entire situation appears to be a fraudulent and risky operation. The crimes involved are Racketeering and organized crime. Although the major details of the situation are uncertain, it seems like the paintings are being used to launder money or even transport illegitimate goods. This is so considering that shipments are made from a distribution port in New York. 11) Chaussee is guilty. A different pattern is not necessary to be prosecuted for Racketeering. The act of selling the franchises to more than one person is enough to prosecute Chaussee for Racketeering....
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