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Law CH 12 - anyways Janie will be paid restitution damages...

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Rolando Hernandez 03/11/10 Law 1 CH 12 H.W. # 4,8,9,12 4. Stephen was correct in saying that the agreement to purchase the car was not binding. Although, Stephen intended to make a binding contract with Hilda, there was no signed agreement, which made the contract informal. The two parties only had an express contract, or a spoken agreement. Since, there was merely a preliminary agreement, Stephen has no contractual obligation. Therefore, Hilda, the vendor, does not have grounds for a lawsuit against Stephen, the intended vendee. 8. Janie was correct in claiming compensation for her efforts in caring for her mother. Although, this does not seem ethical, Janie may be provided pay for her services by a court in order to avoid unjust enrichment. Although there was no contract signed, there are some cases in which a court will impose an obligation, called a quasi contract,
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Unformatted text preview: anyways. Janie will be paid restitution damages as a recovery in quantum meruit. 9. Dozier is obligated to pay for the improvements made by Paschall if the court rules that there was a quasi contract. This is done to avoid unjust enrichment by Dozier, who was aware of the improvements being made. The court should rule that Dozier must pay restitution damages for Paschall’s recovery in quantum meruit. 12. If the property owner signed a contract with the Carriage Way Association declaring their payment for work done to neighboring areas by the Association then they would be laible. Otherwise, the property owners have the right to refuse to pay and the Association must respect this refusal. If the Association continues to take care of the areas, the property owners would not be liable for the charges incurred....
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