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MKT Presentation-The spin inn - Rolando Hernandez The Spin...

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The Spin Inn Marketing The “Spin Inn” has a strong opportunity to become a significantly profitable and successful corporate entity. A company’s success is determined by its ability to provide the best service around at the cheapest price possible. The loyalty of our target market, the lower middle class, can be acquired by continuously offering them a convenient, reliable and affordable service. Once the consumers’ trust is gained, we will use their positive feedback to attract more customers in new areas. Our company’s ultimate goal is to expand vastly throughout the United States. We wish to appeal to our target market in an effective and affirmative manner in order to achieve our hopes of ultimately becoming a franchise. But before the “Spin Inn” can be deemed eligible to become a franchise, it must meet certain legal, accounting, and systems criteria. The company owner will also need a minimum of 500,000 to $1,000,000 in capital to even consider starting this process. Although creating a franchise is costly and time consuming, the time and capital that you put forth will serve as a worthwhile investment for the future; that is as long as the franchise is properly developed and the company is able to flourish. In order for a franchise to succeed, it is crucial for the company owner to be in the right mindset when entering into the whole process. (Charisma and shrewd persuasion skills are key factors in becoming a successful
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MKT Presentation-The spin inn - Rolando Hernandez The Spin...

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