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mkt quiz ch 1 nd 2

mkt quiz ch 1 nd 2 - c Customers opinion pricing issues...

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Rolando Hernandez CH. 1 and 2 1. Which is NOT a basic component from a semiotic perspective? a. an object b. a sign c. an interpretant d. an icon* 2. From a consumer’s perspective, what are the three things that they would most be concerned with when buying a product? a. Travel issues, pricing issues, storing issues b. Prepurchase Issues, Purchase Issues, Postpurchase Issues*
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Unformatted text preview: c. Customers opinion, pricing issues, financial decisions d. Prepurchase Issues, pricing issues, Postpurchase Issues 3. What principle tells us that consumers tend to group together objects that share similar physical characteristics? a. Figure-ground principle b. Group principle c. Principle of similarity* d. Principle of physical characteristics...
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