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mkt self perception - contributions to all events that he...

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Rolando Hernandez 09/20/10 Dr. Predmore Marketing- Consumer Behavior My name is Rolando Jesus Hernandez and I am a 20-year-old college student. The perception that I have of myself would be a hard working and intelligent individual trying to persevere through the struggles of life. However, I do like to party like the rest of the kids my age. My primary interests include women, music, and lifting (in that order). Others, who do not know me, would probably perceive me as somewhat cocky judging on the way I carry and present myself, but those who are personally familiar with me are aware that this is a huge misinterpretation. I am extremely friendly and sociable so it is very easy for me to make friends everywhere I go. Stanley Dye is my roommate. He is extremely energetic and is filled with life. His positive energy enables him to get along with pretty much anyone. Stan offers positive
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Unformatted text preview: contributions to all events that he participates in so people enjoy his company. He has a go-getter attitude that has helped him achieve his current status as a student at our school and that will ultimately lead him to greatness. Others might perceive Stanley as a loud and outgoing individual judging on his behavior, which is a pretty accurate perception. My name is Stanley Dye and Rolando is my suite mate. My understanding of Rolando is that he’s down to earth, interested in making money, and is a focused individual who knows what he wants. He is a very sociable person, who gets along with many people. Although he tends to slack, he knows his craft and can make up for any losses. He is a sharp dresser and takes care of himself by going to the gym multiple times throughout the week. He is a cool individual for the most part and deserves an A....
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