mktg ch34 - Chapter 4 1 Which of the following motivational...

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Scott Sierra Chapter 3 1.) A popular technique that rewards regular purchasers by giving them prizes with values that are based on spending is____________. a.) response bias b.) illusion of truth effect c.) frequency marketing d.) stimulus generalization 2.) Strategies marketers base on stimulus generalization include the following, except________. a.) family branding b.) product line extension c.) licensing d.) unique packaging 3.) In order for observational learning in the form of modeling to occur, which of the following must occur? a.) the customer must be directed to model b.) the customer must remember what the model is c.) the customer must be motivated and perform actions d.) All of above
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 4 1.) Which of the following motivational conflicts occurs when someone must choose between two desirable choices? a.) approach-approach conflict b.) approach-avoidance conflict c.) avoidance-avoidance conflict d.) none of above 2.) Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs includes lower-level needs such as physiological and safety. Which need did Maslow place at the top of upper level needs? a.) belongingness b.) ego needs c.) self-actualization d.) none of above 3.) Involvement in customers exist in which of the following form? a.) product involvement b.) message-response involvement c.) purchase situation involvement d.) All of above...
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mktg ch34 - Chapter 4 1 Which of the following motivational...

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