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mktg test 2 qts-1 - Group a Your neighbor b Your teacher c...

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Alex Sinton 11/3/10 Test Questions: Chapters 7-11 Chapter 7 1. In the ABC Model of Attitude the A, B, and C stand for. .? a. Attitude, Behavior, Conciseness b. Attitude, Behavior, Cognitive c. Affect, Behavior, Cognitive d. Affect, Belief, Commitment 2. Which is NOT a Functional Theory of Attitude? a. Utilitarian Function b. Id-Defensive Function c. Value Express Function d. Knowledge Function 3. An example of “Door in the Face Technique” is? a. Asking your mom to buy you a car before asking her to buy you a new pair of shoes b. Asking your mom for a new pair of shoes and then a new car c. Your mom saying No to all your requests d. None of the above Chapter 8 Chapter 9 1. Which is NOT a Perspective of Time? a. Feast b. Direction c. Mirror d. Cooker
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2. Which is a reason for shopping? a. Interpersonal reaction b. To be alone c. To save money d. None of the above 3. Which is NOT an aspect of store image? a. Interior design b. Return policies c. Point of Purchase d. Types of patrons Chapter 10 1. Who would most likely star in a commercial advertising an Aspirational Reference
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Unformatted text preview: Group? a. Your neighbor b. Your teacher c. Tiger Woods d. Your parents 2. Which is an example of a surrogate consumer? a. Interior decorator b. Someone who goes into a store pretending to be a consumer for marketing techniques c. Your boss d. The owner of a clothing store 3. What do consumers take as the most reliable form of marketing? a. Television b. Print Ads c. Billboards d. Word of Mouth Chapter 11 1. Which is NOT a role in collective decision making? a. Initiator b. Buyer c. User d. Returner 2. What is Sandwich Generation a. Adults who care for their parents as well as children b. Adults that never move out of the house c. Adults whose parents care for them and their children d. None of the above 3. What are some factors that attribute to family size? a. Education level b. The state you live c. Birth control d. Both A and C...
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mktg test 2 qts-1 - Group a Your neighbor b Your teacher c...

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