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Rolando Hernandez 4/19/10 ENGL 211: Business Writing Dr. Andrew Taggart Bicycle sharing systems are a simple and efficient method of transportation that offer individuals that are living in condensed cities the opportunity to swiftly reach their destinations by avoiding the hassle of heavily congested streets. This newly renovated program is being widely used in many major cities throughout the world. The general compensations that will be derived from this ingenious idea are a less polluted environment as well as a healthier population. Bike sharing will also help diminish traffic in urban cities by providing the populace with an alternative to driving their cars to work or to taking a taxi to reach their desired destination. The program’s participants will ultimately save a substantial amount of money by evading expensive gas payments and by avoiding the potential risk of being involved in a car accident. The aim of this account, “The Necessity for Bike Sharing in NYC”, is to inform and to persuade
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