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Engl Proposal Letter - Rolando Hernandez 4/6/10 Dr. Andrew...

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Rolando Hernandez 4/6/10 Dr. Andrew Taggart ENGL201: Written Communications To: Dr. Brennan O’ Donnell, President, Manhattan College From: Rolando Hernandez, Student, School of Business Date: April 6, 2010 Subject: Draddy 2.0 Proposal Manhattan College’s mediocre gymnasium has been a lingering concern within most of the students’ minds for quite sometime now. This substantial hindrance is an issue that needs to be directly addressed and properly resolved in order to ensure that the athletes and the students achieve athletic and academic success. A division one college is expected to take pride in its athletic program by providing its athletes with a decent facility where they may practice and perform effectively. Draddy Gymnasium’s limited size and outdated equipment are two major problems that are negatively affecting many of the athletes’ ability to perform to their maximum potential. This matter is also turning out to be a detriment to the students whom wish to have a fitness facility that provides them with innovative tools that facilitate their workouts and with a desirable setting where they may be able to train effectively. The most neglected part of Draddy gymnasium is the weight room. This room is not only severely cramped but is also in desperate need of proper organization. It is very difficult to move around when more than ten individuals occupy the room since it is such a small area, and having weights scattered throughout the floor makes it even harder to move about. In addition, the weight room is rarely cleaned so it is always filthy and the equipment that is provided consists of rusted old weights and faulty machines that are a nuisance to use. The track appears to be the main component of the gym due to its central allocation and to its considerable size. However, it is only a quarter mile in distance, which is merely half the size of a conventional track. Instead of having a football field in the center,
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Engl Proposal Letter - Rolando Hernandez 4/6/10 Dr. Andrew...

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