Rjection Letter Part 2

Rjection Letter Part 2 - why the recipient has been...

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Part 2: Explanation The changes that were made in my document are inspired by various flawed components found in the original rejection letter. A letter of rejection should be personal, thus indicating the name and address of the recipient, as well as the name and address of the correspondent. The initial correction that I have made includes both adding a mailing address on behalf of the two parties and specifying the recipient’s name. The original letter lacked compassion, eloquence and an explanation to why the person was rejected, therefore giving the receiver a sense that his or her efforts were insignificant and causing uncertainty about why he or she was denied. My document provides an explanation to
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Unformatted text preview: why the recipient has been rejected and offers the individual reasonable guidance on what his or her next step should be. Finally, a good rejection letter should assure the receiver that his or her application has received at least some consideration. I have guaranteed the recipient that he or she still has an opportunity to be admitted in the future, thus creating a sense of optimism and a feeling of anticipation on the individual’s behalf. This will also grant the institution a chance to possibly recruit the same individual in the future, if he or she meets the required criteria....
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