amac - the armed arsenal but when I come to your farm I...

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kick rich bitches in the face wit tha diamond Dick im just like all the greatest rappers when it comes to the shhiet except my comes with a big black warning label, if you don’t believe me they youll be thrown in with stable and goes around as often as basic cable , I eat rappers like tiger woods eats pussy and, catch me rollin spliffs in the sand on the beach with my piece I ain’t lackin when it comes to the treats but quit your shit and tell your bitch to stop nagging and calling cuz she ain’t getting the dick I stopped when she said got no mo money I said that ain’t my shit now give me yo sister or Ill make your skull look funny , rhyme like big pun they call me the chosen one come to me when they need the guns for
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Unformatted text preview: the armed arsenal but when I come to your farm I ain’t coming for nothing but meth and cess so check your rep before you give me number because I don’t forget simple blunders Shit they think I’m crazy cuz I strangled a nun and rode off with my white horse into sun, but when they take a true listen to my rhymes and dem beats they admit that Im the realeast thing that’s ever hit the streets Marijuanan is my mediaction, my word is the legislation, got murder in premeditation, ring the bells bring the shells ring the bells bring the shells, got the diamond dick my rhymes are slick, time after time I get, the fine dimes n bet, high crimes r comin sit,...
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