Marketing Chapter 7 Questions

Marketing Chapter 7 - changing a buyer’s attitude is referred to as a Coercing technique b Persuasion c Differential Marketing d Authority

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Chapter 7 Questions 1. The chapter delves into the idea of commitment and the different levels of commitment consumers tend to reach. Which of the following is NOT a level of commitment: a. Compliance b. Identification c. Entrustment d. Internalization 2. Marketers comply with basic psychological principles like Reciprocity, Scarcity, and Consistency in an active attempt to change consumer’s attitudes. This process of
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Unformatted text preview: changing a buyer’s attitude is referred to as: a. Coercing technique b. Persuasion c. Differential Marketing d. Authority principle 3. Salient beliefs, Object-attribute linkages, and Evaluation are all topics discussed under this multi-attribute model: a. Importance attribute model b. Social Judgment Model c. Balance Theory Model d. Fishbein Model...
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