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AutoRecovery save of ENGL Job Description

AutoRecovery save of ENGL Job Description - look...

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Rolando Hernandez 5/6/10 ENGL 211: Business Writing Dr. Andrew Taggart NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL FINANCIAL NETWORK Position/Description: Financial representatives at Northwestern Mutual take on a personalized approach when assisting their clients in identifying solutions that will aid them in achieving individual goals. These representatives have exclusive access to various solutions and services. Northwestern mutual interns act as financial representatives to discover to target markets,
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Unformatted text preview: look Qualifications/Skills: • Job Summary Company Northwestern Mutual Financial Network Location New York, NY 10022 Industries Financial Services Job Type Summer: Full-Time School Year: Part-Time Education Level High School Diploma & Current College Student Career Level: None Salary: Incentive Commision, Draw, Stipends...
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